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G R Á I N N E   B A T H   E N R I G H T


To follow my process & keep upto date with my work, the best place to catch me is on instagram or facebook..

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Currently based in Dublin, but from a hybrid of Kildare/Dublin/Wicklow. I grew up between fields, buildings and the sea with a passion for wild things and a sense of place. Working in great detail, inspired by Irish nature and wildlife, my work explores the natural world and urban environments with an enthusiasm for the connections we have to these places & their habitats.​

After obtaining a degree in Set Design from I.A.D.T, I moved on to pursue a career in design and scenic painting working on large scale cloths and sets. Whilst designing for the Gaiety Panto, painting operas and working on large scale productions alongside a team, I found myself gravitating towards my own detailed pieces. In 2017 I released  my first collection of GBE Fine art prints, inspired by Irish wildlife & nature. 

When not working on intricate details, I am a proud indoor plant owner; bring my ears to gigs and my sketchbook on road trips around Ireland - and if I get the chance, plunging into any open body of water.

For a change of scene & much needed fresh air outside the studio, I often take my pens & sketchbook on adventures to the great outdoors .. 

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