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C A S T L E  M A R K E T

If you're a Dublin dweller you’ll know this corner well.

Castle Market Street is one of the city’s gems. The architecture along the street is defined by the detailed red brick buildings, designed by Lockwood and Mawson, originally built in the early 1880s, an iconic part of this creative quarter.

Sitting opposite these pitched roofs is one of the best seats in town for a pint, Grogans. A much loved haunt of numerous well known writers and artists. On busy nights the crowd spills out onto Castle Market, conversation buzzing.

As Gary Quinn wrote in the Irish Times ‘It’s a place to become someone: a writer, a painter, a talker… There's no music, no television, no nonsense. It's a place to return to in search of yourself. Who knows, one day they may even greet you by name and then you'll know you've finally arrived’.  

S H O P  H E R E

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